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Android App Development

Bright Bridge executes your idea of app development with the help of masterminds, with the all necessary tools and resources required to develop an application. We use sophisticated technologies to provide a world-class mobile application.

Bright Bridge Android App Development

Our frameworks create innovative and incredible apps using a set of reusable components.

Device compatibility

We enhance your device compatibility to provide a flexible user interface to different screen configurations.

Platform Architecture

We are keen in developing a Linux-based software created for a wide range of devices to work on the android platform.

App Components

We build the components of your app and connect them using intents.

App Resources

Resources are additional files required to build a great app. We use proper use of resources such as bitmaps, layout definitions, user interface strings etc.<br />

Animations and Graphics

We make your app perform their Android's powerful graphics features such as OpenGL, hardware acceleration, and built-in UI animations.


We make use of RenderScript to allow intensive computation which accelerate the performance of your application.

Bright Bridge knits Technology with Application

We have successfully developed hundreds of classy, interactive android apps on OS from Android ICS, Android KitKat, Android Lollipop to the latest Android Marshmallow. Our developers are fully equipped with the latest trends and technologies to bestow high GUIs(graphical user interface) and have solid experience in the back-end architecture provides user-friendly screen design and intelligent user interface. Our transparent development process is cost-effective to render the best android application tailored to meet your business strategy.