Marketing Automation An Overview

Marketing Automation An Overview

Marketing automation refers to the software used to streamline your business marketing efforts through multiple online channels. The ultimate goal of marketing automation is to generate more revenue for the company. The software is designed in a way to increase the efficiency of any marketing task and reduce human errors.

Marketing automation consists of wide aspects of automation and analytical tool, especially inbound marketing. This marketing automation is widely used as a web-based marketing solution and customer need not do a software installation. Marketing automation is a subdivision of customer relationship management(CRM) that focuses on marketing campaigns both online and offline.


How to use marketing automation for your business?

Who is not excited about a sales for their company? For this marketers use multiple marketing techniques and the commonly used one is email marketing. Marketers shoot “n” number of emails to their customers in order to generate leads and sales. Have you ever wondered does this really work? Are they really opening your emails or they get annoyed by your continuous emails? If the answer is negative, you are wasting your precious time and efforts. This is not the right way of marketing.

Here is where marketing automation comes in the role. Marketing automation moves leads through the marketing funnel and convert leads into sales. This nurtures the leads delivering targeted customized messages and transforms the entire customer buying process.


How does an automated email work?

Here is a short scenario explaining the automated email workflow:

Mike owns an online marketing company and decides to market his products through email marketing. He first sends an email invitation to his email listings, to download his ebooks. Next, Mike sends a thank you message to his potential clients who downloaded his ebook. A few days later Mike sends a follow-up email to his clients offering to download a case study relating to that ebook he sent earlier. Finally, when someone downloads the case study, Mike will get notified and further move on to the sales process.

Now put yourselves in the shoes of your clients. Now how did you like to receive emails? Like the one stated above or the bunch of unwanted emails. The above email marketing looks professional and personalized for the customer. The customer will never get annoyed if you proceed with the above said step-by-step process. This is how an automated email marketing looks like.


The do’s & don’ts of marketing automation

  • Don’t just automate your current marketing process without rethinking your goals.
  • Integrate marketing automation with your inbound marketing strategy.
  • Do not just shoot or broadcast general messages.
  • Do send specific and highly-targeted content to a narrowed target audience.
  • Do anticipate your customer needs.
  • Do set customer engagement campaigns to keep your current customers happy and coming back for more.


Wrapping up

Hope you are armed with the important pieces of information about marketing automation. Leverage your marketing automation to get incredible results. Marketing automation is all about nurturing and not selling. This will give you a perfect insight into your leads. Invest in marketing automation to reach and accomplish your marketing goals. Need marketing automation for your business? Connect with us today.

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