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Mobile App Marketing: The launch and promotion strategy

Before you sip a cup of coffee every morning, odds are you’ve effectively swung to a mobile app to begin your day. Apps have become an indispensable part of our daily lives by monitoring heartbeat to footsteps. Brands use apps to powerfully connect with their customers 24/7.


There are millions of mobile apps in the app stores. App developers need to have a sound strategy to market their apps and attain success. The difficult part that every mobile marketer face is promoting the app after developing it. If you are a marketer, hunting for ways to launch and promote your newly build app successfully. This article will guide you through essential steps and strategies to get maximum downloads, launch and promote your Android or iPhone app.


App Store Optimization (ASO)

App store optimization is vital because, without it, your potential customers may not even know you exist. App store optimization is similar to doing SEO so that you will be on the top just like a search engine. For this, you need to use the right keywords, titles, and descriptions for better ranking of your app. This optimization is the very important step in publishing your app in the Apple store or Google play store. How great your app maybe, if you ignore this optimization, you will be lost.


App Store Title

App store title is the name that appears in the app store. Your app name is the first point of contact between you and your users. Therefore your app store title should be perfect which resembles your business. Keep your title(name) simple and easy to remember. Do make sure that your app name is unique or else people may find difficult to find you among the competitors. The app store title is limited to 50 characters but Apple limits the app name to 23 characters or less.


Icon name

This is the name that appears after your app has been downloaded to the user’s device. Be noted that this app icon name is limited to 12 characters.



Description or your app should be precise and clear. Do not overstuff keywords to get ranked high, instead write a description that compels your users to download your app. Your description should contain the necessary information about your app mentioning its features, functionalities, purpose, and benefits of the app. Do not forget to mention the rewards and additional benefits you offer for your users.


Choose the right category

Another important aspect of app store optimization is choosing the right category from the app store listings. Choose the category that suits your app nature and purpose. The category choosed should best define your app.


Set your app download price

Whether your app is free or paid depends on how you aim to generate money from it. For startups or small businesses who ponder to grow along with the buyer journey, you can keep the app to be free. Another option is to initially provide a free app with limited features and upgrade the app for an extra fee for a full version of the app. In the case of paid apps, you can earn a good money with every download. Before, setting the price for your app research what your competitor’s apps are priced.


Seek for publicity

Publicity for your app is a great idea to get an enormous amount of downloads. Getting publicity from big publications is not an easy task. Therefore create a press kit, that contains your press release which talks about the purpose of your app and the solutions offered. The components of your press kit should include:

  • Information about you & your team
  • Information about your company
  • High-definition screenshots of your app
  • Links to you apps promotional videos


Get the help of local press

Do not underestimate the power of local media and traditional marketing. Search for press and media in your local area and inform them about your app launch. You can also sponsor radio and TV programs to create a awareness about your app amongst the public. Give ads on local newspaper and magazines so that you get a wide reach. Target for a fitness magazine, if you own a “health and fitness app”. Or a fashion magazine if you have a “beauty” app.


Leverage your online channels

Promoting your new app across all your online channels will be an effective way to drive downloads. For this, the first thing you have to do is to update your website. Create a banner on your website homepage with a link to download your app. All your website landing pages should contain a call-to-action button to attract your visitors to download your new app. Synchronize your blog posts and banners to get maximum reach.


Create A Promotion Landing Page

A promotional landing page can be done easily. The motive you create a promotional landing page is to provide links to the app store, that redirects your potential users to download your app. Do not forget to include a QR code, so that desktop users can scan the code and download your app quickly.


Optimize your social media networks

Optimize your social media channels and social media is the cost-effective way to market your app. Add a banner to all your social media channels to promote your new app. Facebook has the option to create a CTA button to download the app. Add appropriate links to your social profiles wherever possible to encourage maximum downloads.



The above-mentioned strategies to launch and promote your app are a holistic approach to gain new users and downloads. Each of the approaches should be researched well and implemented based on your app preferences. Keep in mind your app real success depends not only on the number of downloads. But how your app is helping your potential users in their day to day lives. Need mobile app development for your new project? Leave the work to us and get your app hand-made by skilled Android and iOS developers. Contact us today for a top-notch app.

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