Reputation Management

Repair, Rebuild, Recover

What the internet says about you and how to manage your reputation?

Reputation management often referred as “online reputation management” is the attempt to receive the public perception towards an individual or an organization. Reputation is not built by chance, it comes from reviews, comments, and conversation appearing online. This highlights the fact that a brand should be expressed in the right way. We live in a digital era, were every soul on the earth has access to the internet. Obviously, there are lots of negative and positive comments floating around us. Hence the accessibility of social media tied to the brand’s social media presence prompts a need to manage reputations.

An online review can make or break your business. Therefore reputation management includes efforts to banish the negative comments and build positive comments. It can be a daunting task for companies to preserve their online reputation. Certainly, online reputation has become a huge industry to pay attention. This article might be of your interest if you are keen on reputation management.

For a deep understanding, here is a secret formula for reputation management. That is,


If your brand requires reputation management, the first step is to repair the damages. This must be done with high priority and caution. Find ways to turn the negative reviews to positive comments.


The next step is to rebuild the reputation. Rebuilding the lost reputation takes time and effort. Start promoting your brand via social media, blogs, articles, press which will show a reliable image of your company.


At last, to discard the negative comments, brands have to optimize their marketing strategies. Digital marketing will help with online reputation by using SEO, online marketing, social media marketing and many more.

Reputation management strategy

Yes, reputation management requires a strategy. Unless you have a clear strategy you won’t win the game. This whole article will guide you how to improve your reputation yourselves. That’s sound good, right? Here we give you the plan in a nutshell.

Let’s jump right in!

Here are five golden keys to your online reputation management

  • Monitor your reputation
  • Create an action plan
  • Build positive comments
  • Manage negative comments deftly
  • Analyse the results

Monitor your reputation

It is imperative to monitor your reputation. Monitoring means scrutinizing the internet for your brand, business, company reputation. Do people talk about you on review sites or social media? This has to be checked depending on your brand’s presence. If you are a restaurant, travel operator, online shop, you need to monitor the comments in review sites. If you have a physical shop, check for comments in TripAdvisor, Yelp and in Google reviews.

If you sell your products on online stores, watch for reviews on Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay etc as people depend on online reviews for buying a phone, laptop, and other gadgets. There are few reputation tools available online. Tools like Reputology will help you to take control of reviews.

Create an action plan

The next step is to create an action plan. So how will you do this? You have to consider the following points. Who will respond to the comments and reviews? Which comments require a response? You have to inform your team members and allocate them to their duties to respond to comments and reviews. The action plan includes what decision will the company take in case of negative reviews and how to rectify it? Frame a separate customer support team to address the negative reviews, who will escalate the problems to the higher authorities.

Build positive comments

You should pay equal attention to both negative and positive comments. The positive review is the magic words that actually enhance your online reputation. A prompt response to positive reviews will encourage other customers to say the good thing about your company. Be thankful for their positive reviews, this will also make them share their experience with their friends. Take control of your online reviews and build on the positives. Share the positive comments and make your company page look appealing to your audiences. Finally, ask your customers for their feedbacks and immediately address the negative ones.

Manage negative comments deftly

A negative review can ruin your online reputation, so you have to delicately handle the negative comments. Never ignore negative comments, do remember they will be on the internet forever. Win your unhappy customers with the right and prompt response. Try to solve their issue immediately or assure them their problems will be solved within a short span of time. Be professional, polite and friendly with the unhappy customers. Make sure that you are always listening to your customers and live up to the word- Customer is king!

Analyse the results

The final step is to analyze the outcome of your works. Monitor and track your results to protect your reputation. Use a monitoring tool to make the work easy for you. Online review sites come with scores and stars for your company. If your stars are increasing from 2 to 4 and positive comments from 30% to 60%, this means that you are on the right track. Mention is the best tool that monitors your social media, blogs, forums etc. Invest in such tools if you are serious about your online reputation.