10th Legal Weekly Roundup

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Are Your Leads Getting Stolen?

We know that you are busy and might never have time for marketing but, what if your leads get stolen? It might be a shock for you but its the real fact. Have a look at this article by mockingbird that clearly explains what’s happening and what you can do to sort it.

How to Create a Law Firm FAQ Page to Improve Search Rankings

Your website is the voice of your brand and so having it wisely helps to generate leads. This 3-min article by Good2bSocial dealt the importance of Including FAQ page on your law firm website that will provide more information to your clients and also which helps to boost your SEO rankings.

How to Determine Keywords for Your Legal Business

Just a 5- min read by Just Legal Marketing reveals the importance of keywords and how it should be determined for your legal business. You can get benefit out of this article and can equip yourself on how to use the keywords wisely on your website.

Instagram For Law Firms: A Primer

Instagram has become one of the ruling social media platforms that allow users to share their photos and videos across peoples of the same interest. Marking a footprint in such a platform is essential and working on promotions is important. This article explains the importance of Instagram for the law firm.

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