16th Legal Weekly Roundup

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Legal Marketing: Five Ways To Keep Your Clients Coming Back For More

A 5 min read article by Legal Marketing Blog, highlights the five ways which you can use to keep your clients come back or make them engaged with you. Implement these strategies and make your clients happy.

Reach More Legal Clients With “Second-Screen Marketing”

This article, Chris Branch automatically grabs the attention of the lawyers via its title, and the article is all about the influence of digital marketing channels that helps the lawyers to achieve success.

What Should I Write About on My Personal Injury Blog?

Attorneys, you might have won many cases but always use to get stammer when you come across to write the same. The blog you maintain will help many clients to dealt about particular practice areas. Have a look at this article and incorporate the ideas mentioned in your blog.

AMP up your Law Firm’s Mobile Site

We all feel reckless when the loading speed of the site we are looking for is so slow. And it’s the same for your law firm website. So have a look at this article and AMP it by the mobile responsive.

Law Firm Internet Marketing – 15 Proven Strategies to Market Your Law Firm

Internet marketing is a big world, and marking your presence over there is not sufficient. Since you are in the legal field, it’s necessary for you to have a robust online presence in front of your clients. These 15 proven techniques by jurispage will surely help to market your law firm.