18th Legal Weekly Roundup

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17 Blogging Myths that Many Lawyers Believe

As a lawyer, you might be busy with many goals but have you ever thought of how you can improve your blogging. Digital marketing for lawyers had presented an article with 17 blogging myths that many lawyers believe. Read this content marketing article and explore more.

Two Weeks to Better SEO for Your Law Firm Website

Design that provides you with a few simple steps which can help you reach your SEO goals in a couple of weeks time. Have a glimpse of this article and make use of it.

Podcasting 101 for Law Firms

We all knew that in the world of marketing, podcasting is becoming popular day by day. As an attorney, why don’t you try the best podcasting practices? Exactly, it’s the same thought that reflected in an article by lawyerist who had provided 101 podcasting ideas.

How Lawyers Can Use Video

In this article, the author had shared some tips on how to use video beyond the website or YouTube channel. Video marketing is becoming a boon and knowing it in a better way may help your law firm grow ahead.

3 Marks of a Bad Legal Blog Post – and 8 Marks of a Good One

Every legal website has a place for blogs where attorneys write their own experience, but there are some things that should be considered before writing since everything has its own merits and demerits. This article by business.com reveals the bad as well as good marks of legal blog post.