20th Legal Weekly Roundup

Brightbridge_admin Weekly Roundup 1612

There is so much going on in the line of legal marketing that is difficult to have a look at all. And so, we are here to share something with you that might help your law firm. We love reading these and hope that you too will get benefit out of it.

Marketing plays as an indispensable part of the firm. It is always essential to stand ahead of your competitor.

If you are in the track of marketing and halted with few odds, then you should scroll down to read the following articles that might help you.

Top 7 Law Firm Marketing Tips

To maintain clients and to bring new business, online marketing is important. This article is all about the tips you can use for your law firm marketing. Have a look at this article and know more about law firm marketing.

What Makes A Great Lawyer?

You are a great lawyer. But makes you so great is important. This article by nomos marketing highlights a few thoughts that make a person so great. Give a thought and become the greatest.

Law Firms: Follow Amazon’s Example and Tease Your Best Stuff

A 5 min read article by the greatjakes that helps the lawyers on how to use their marketing strategy and also had explained with the same by keeping amazon as an example.

15 Fantastic Law Firm Newsletter Ideas

The newsletter is the best way to reach people and being a lawyer you can use it wisely to show off your law firm’s personality. Here they had listed 15 ideas for law firms to create an innovative and attractive newsletters

Staying Competitive: 7 Tips from 7 Legal Marketing Pros

Trust is more important and being a lawyer you should continue to build trust and value with your audience. Have a glimpse of this article that helps you with 7 tried applications to help lawyers to build relationships in a healthier way.

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