21st Legal Weekly Roundup

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This is a legal weekly roundup with the with best articles. Each weekly roundup is boxed with helpful tips and links that may take your skills to the next level. You can even subscribe to our future roundups.

Lots of great links this week to explore. Learn how to reshape your website and marketing strategies with the tips mentioned.

Online Marketing in 2019: Keeping Up With a Changing Web

For every lawyer, the thing that lasts in the mind is about marketing. This article is all about the changes happening in online marketing. Have a glimpse of the article and explore more about the marketing strategies.

Can Artificial Intelligence Enhance Your Law Practice?

Just a 3-min read by Get Legal that explains how you law firms can serve your clients more effectively using AI. Have a look at this article to know more about artificial intelligence.

Improving Your Firm’s Online Visibility with Google Search Console

Though many attorneys are well learnt about marketing, they miss a point called Google search console. You can improve your law firm’s online presence with the help of google search console and this article is about the same.

Lawyers, This Approach Can Backfire On You
This article by myrland marketing is to help attorneys who try to adapt some new techniques. Some may work but some may not. Copying something that others do might lead to backfire on you.

Facebook Marketing for Lawyers: Ad Targeting

Since social media platforms are ruling the digital space, it’s necessary to voice out in those channels. This article highlights how to do marketing on Facebook along with the pros and cons of it.