9 Law Firm Marketing Strategies to look out in 2020 (with +5 Examples!)

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The holiday season had started to knock the door, and it’s time to say bye to 2018 which will be behind and time to welcome 2019 which is around the corner. Is your smart law firm ready? What measures have you taken to set your law firm to achieve success in the upcoming year?

These strategies are just what your law firm needs to be at the top of the search engine for your targeted keywords, to receive high traffic, to grow your client base, and to raise the profits. Have a glance at the ideas that get your law firm off to a strong kick-start in 2019. Use these 2019 marketing strategies to draw the attention of your prospects towards your law firm.

1. Initiate by establishing a brand

Branding helps you to establish a notable and differentiated presence in the digital space that drags and retains loyal prospects. It does not adhere only to expensive letterheads or business cards. You can mould the shape of your business using the right message. Be sure that your message should incorporate the fundamentals of your law firm that you wish to project.

The way you project your brand makes your law firm unique.

Say Instance, If some people landing on your page to file for bankruptcy, your message will be a powerful source to make them retain on your site. Look at the below image of the law office of Christopher Todd Morrison, P.C to understand in a better way.

Source: Christopher Todd Morrison, P.C

Make a crystal clear point that answers the question, Why should anyone hear you?

Here is another example of a landing page that converts like crazy and makes the clients hire his firm.

Source: Law Offices of William W. Waldner

2. Demonstrate Trustworthiness & Authority

The inclusion of both active and passive marketing activities is the strong law firm marketing strategy. The website you build stands as an example of passive marketing and helps you to build trustworthiness & authority encompassing your firm.

Here are a few examples of what you can incorporate into your online marketing strategies that trend in 2019.

You can feature the awards you have endured that establishes immediate reliability towards your law firm like Cohen & Marzipan did in their site.

Incorporate the reviews of your clients on your website that acts as an instant credibility for your firm like the Lenahan Law Firm’s web page.

Look how Fieldfisher highlight case studies for each practice areas they are working to demonstrate their expertise and achievement.

3. Exhibit potential in all your practice areas

Communicating what you do and your ability to do to the clients is an important area of branding. Though the reviews and case studies help you do that you should also concentrate on this.

The magnitude of the service you provide should give a clear idea about what you are doing and how can your service help your prospects. You can find how clear Werman Salas law firm while explaining their service.

4. Expand your Footprint on SEO

Your law firm must keep an eye on SEO at all times, not just in the current year alone. Stats of recent research reveals that 75% of people never go beyond the first page of Google and 93% of online experiences commences with a search engine. You need to be in front of your clients when they search in need of your service. Clicks and traffic you get through search engines are important.

Some best SEO practice at all times for law firm is keyword research, professional titles, descriptions, good layout structure of the website, quick loading speed, and optimized images.

Other key aspects to pay attention in 2019 is to improve the time of the visitor spent on your webpage or website, to reduce the bounce rate by incorporating clear titles and relevant keywords on your webpage, by concentrating on long-form content, by using the schema mark up for your firm that explains your page details to the search engines, by building link with trustworthy sites, and focus on citation building and review solicitation is required.

Moreover, law firms target their client base mostly from the local area and so a good local SEO can be done.

There is much more article about each of these points and additional law firm SEO tips for 2019 in our ultimate guide to law firm SEO.

5. Mark your impression on Google Ads

One of the estimable ways to pull the new clients to your law firm is using paid search.

Ads are covering nearly 85% of the space on the top of the SERP.

Paid campaigns can send a large volume of traffic to your website and a powerful tool that convert the random client into paying clients. Look how ads get prioritized in the search results page for best bankruptcy lawyer Dallas and think how it could drive leads to your law firm.

You might have the question, “Why doesn’t my law firm achieved the result I hoped for”?

It would be because of the following reasons:

  • You might have been targeting high competitive keywords like “lawyer” or “attorney”, which is more expensive as well.
  • You might have not invested your time in research or might have missed choosing the right professional to manage your campaign.
  • You might have failed to optimize your campaign.

Don’t worry! Change your result in 2019 by taking the Adwords more seriously. Still, you are in stuck?

You can get a depth knowledge of effective campaign for your law firm by reading the article or you can even lend your hand to with us with a trust to help you in PPC campaigns.

6. Improve your presence in the legal directories

Being featured or boosting your presence in legal directories will help to improve your traffic and provide a citation for your law firm. In the upcoming year try to make your profile present in the legal directories. The top law firm citation sources are

You can find more local SEO citations here

Example of Avvo legal directory

Source: Avvo

7. Pave a path in Video Marketing

Never used video marketing to your law firm? It’s time to adhere to video marketing. People are more likely will be visible on the first page of Google if they included video.

Video marketing is the recent strategy marketing people use to satisfy the customer and to build the trust and to improve the conversion rate. Using video on your website brings instant credibility.

You can also include the testimonials of your client in a high-quality video to improve the credibility of your brand like Berry Law Firm did.

Source: Berry Law Firm

8. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is going to be huger in 2019 particularly for law firms. You should leave your footprint on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or whatever.

Stay relevant and connect with your prospects using your Facebook account. Optimizing your social media accounts of your law firm matters a lot. Surfing Hollis Law in the search box of Google displays their facebook page on the top of the search result.

You can even improve the following number like them as well.

You can also maintain a strong LinkedIn Page for your law firm to attract your targeted prospects like Spodek Law group who had described them in detail.


Raising your presence in social media channels where your clients are hanging out is the best way you can generate leads and grow your law firm.

9. Don’t miss out the Tracking, Reporting & Analytics

Working on marketing strategies but not measuring the same is a flaw. Measuring and tracking help to analyze which marketing strategy works and which has to be eliminated. Hey, if you keep performing the same blunders, you’re not going to go anywhere.

72% of people who calculate ROI are more likely have an effective marketing strategy.

KPIs that include law firm’s digital marketing strategies are a total number of new clients, Leads generated, Revenue, Lead to sale conversion rate, and cost per lead.

Last point which has to focus first:

The very first thing you have to keep in mind is digital competitive analysis. It is the same thing you have to do when you onboard a new client to analyse and get a baseline of where they are digitally comparing to their competitors.

Last Line:

Hope you are ready to kick-off with these law firm marketing strategies 2019 flawlessly for your law firm, but if you are back in the race of law firm marketing comparing to your competitors who are performing well, then your spent time will be of no use. Take a look at our services for you, which will reveal the fact that we are the best law firm marketing company to help you. Everything we do in your perspective and use to treat your sales like our own.

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Perhaps if you have other legal marketing strategies that can be implemented in 2019 law firm marketing tactics, we’d love to listen about them. Email or Ask a question to us!!