The correlation between SEO and content marketing

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SEO and content marketing are two different aspects. When it comes to rank your website SEO and content go hand-in-hand. You can’t attain success without the help of one another. A website may have high-quality contents but unless you implement a sound SEO strategy there is no chance that your website will be ranked in the search engines. Decidedly, both are dependant on each other for gaining optimum results.

How SEO and content go hand-in-hand

Although SEO and content are different there are various areas, where they both overlap with each other. In other words, SEO and content complement each other. SEO has some demands and content fulfills those demands.

Here is how SEO and content marketing comes together and works in harmony.

Content: SEO and content marketing

Here SEO demands content and content marketing is content. SEO is all about rankings and for ranking you need contents. There is no SEO without contents- blogs, articles, and keywords. Adding fresh contents to your site will increase ranking which leads to more keywords- a must for SEO. Therefore the theory is SEO is the essence of content marketing.

Keywords: SEO and content marketing

We all know that the foundation of SEO is keywords.
What are keywords?
“Keywords are contents”!
The practical way you use keywords is through contents. This keyword will help the Google spider to crawl and index your website. So this keyword binds the bond between SEO and content marketing. Obviously, one can’t shine without the other.

Backlink: SEO and content marketing

Backlinks have a greater impact on your website as they are used for SEO rankings. This link building is the main tactic used in SEO rankings. But how do you get those backlinks? Yes, you need contents- placing a link to your blogs. This link building can only happen if you have an array of contents. Hence the only way to get backlinks is to have contents worth linking.

Page authority/ Domain authority: SEO and content marketing

Page Authority(PA) and Domain authority(DA) are important aspects of SEO. These both will decide how well a specific page will rank on SERP’s. This authority can be attained by having high-quality links and a steady website traffic. Again for this high-quality links and traffic you need killer contents. Compelling contents drive more visitors to your website. Lastly, it’s content, content, content.

The final word

Your SEO campaign will fail unless you incorporate content marketing. Your content marketing campaign will fail unless you incorporate SEO.