Grow Your Legal Marketing With SEO – Go Where Your Customers Are

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According to statistics, over 90 percent of people searching for legal advice, whether related to personal injury or a divorce, will turn to the internet for the information they require. A steady increase in searches for legal support is being recorded every year. This means that being online as a lawyer is a big step towards getting more customers.

More People are Online

If you were to measure the number of hours people spend on their mobile phones and compare them to the time they spend in front of a television screen or reading a newspaper, you will discover that there are more people online and chances are your customers are there too. The internet is a source of information as well as entertainment and communication so it makes sense to reach your prospective clients there.

A survey indicated that over 80 percent of respondents said they use their mobile phones to find a lawyer. These statistics should make you start thinking about how you can tap into such a ripe market.

But how can you do that?

Here are some ways you can market your legal services using SEO:

Concentrate on a Particular Legal Area

According to the analytics of keywords that searchers use, SEO will work for you if you have a specialized presence online. Searchers will look for “personal injury lawyer” as or opposed to “lawyer.” A quick look at the top-ranked legal firms in search results will reveal that these firms focused on a specific area of law as opposed to full-service legal practice. Some of the top searched legal services included: Personal injury, DUI and Divorce. This can show that your efforts are best focused on a single field even if you may actually be able to provide a wide range of legal services.

Maintain an Active Blog

Simply having a website will not be enough, neither will having a blog with a few outdated posts. The idea is to have an active blog. In the world of SEO, quality content sells, so regularly posting useful blog articles will help you not just to increase organic traffic, but also to prove you are an authority in your field. Almost half of the people who go-ahead to hire a lawyer online will carry out research about their issue, some are carrying out the research with the hope that they can handle the issue on their own!

The biggest source of information they will depend on will be blog articles about their legal issue, if they notice a particular site has a lot of good information on the subject, they are more likely to contact the source of that information — which could be YOU!

Blog articles can also be a great source of backlinks which will improve your ranking and make you an authority in your field.

Target the Right People

SEO marketing is far more than just getting lots of organic traffic to your website, you also need to know what kind of traffic will be beneficial for your firm. Interesting blog posts may attract a number of people, but in the end, they may not be looking for legal representation. For that reason, as you choose keywords, be deliberate in finding keywords that are popular, but will also attract people looking for a lawyer. It is possible to get loads of traffic to your site and to be ranked in the top 10, yet the number of customers is not a reflection of your online traffic. SEO specialists would be able to help you choose keywords and content that will attract the right people.

Optimize for Local SEO

You must attract customers that are near you, this is just as important as attracting the right people. Most people will not want to cross state lines to meet with a lawyer and that is why they will add the city in which they are in as they type a keyword in the search. It is also worth noting that Google will first show results for businesses near the searcher. There are many things you may have to do to optimize for local SEO.
A competent legal SEO company would be able to do this for your site.

Include a Phone Number

This may seem obvious, but many may not pay enough attention to this and even when they include the phone number, it is not easily seen. According to a survey of people who have searched for lawyers online, a phone call is their preferred contact method, ahead of email or face-to-face meetings. Remember also that a majority of searchers are using their phones to search the internet so they are more likely to go ahead and call after that.

  • Nearly 60 percent prefer to call
  • Approximately 15 percent will email
  • About 15 percent will go to the office
  • Around 10 percent will use other means

The above statistics should help you determine the prominence you should give to your phone contact.

Let Experts Handle the Technical Aspect

There is a lot of technical stuff that you need to be aware of and implement in your quest to find your customers where they are. You may need to remember about 200 technical details which may become a burden.
Lessen that burden by getting SEO professionals to handle that aspect. They know how to prepare a website so that Google will rank it favorably.

Learn from the Competition

Your competition can teach you a lot. Obviously, you cannot go to them and ask what they are doing, so use tools that will provide you with analytics about them. You can see what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. The competition is usually a great source of the best set of keywords to use. See how they use them and then do better than them.

In Conclusion

Law firms can save a lot on advertising by considering legal SEO. The right SEO company can help do this to perfection, but it is still necessary that you recognize that SEO is not an event that you attend to and then forget about it. You will need to continue your efforts to ensure that you improve and remain at the top once you get there.