Impact of YouTube Live In Digital Marketing

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Youtube launched in 2005, is a video sharing platform with 400 hours of video content uploaded every minute. Youtube announced live streaming, where brands can reach their audience live by taking advantage of live streaming on youtube. People can share videos with friends & family all over the world and watch extensive live streams, such as live gaming, live music, live sports, live news and live hangouts. Youtube has been making some great development over the last couple of years on everything from video quality to the legality of the content that appears on the site and now it’s the time of Youtube live. Usually, every video you watch on youtube was prerecorded but this new feature will allow people to start streaming videos in real time.

We might have noticed that social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have been investing in live streaming. Why? Because with this new feature social media networks can generate revenue and sustain their hold on social media users globally.

Super Chat

Youtube also launches “super chat” a way for creators to make money from their live streams. The addition is evocative of streaming site Twitch cheering feature, which allows viewers to pay real money in order to have their messages stand out in the chat stream through the use of animated icons. Youtube allows users to highlight their message in bright colors and get their comments pinned on the stream. Although the approach is different from twitch’s but the goal is similar- Letting fans to pay money in exchange for attention.

YouTube took off versatile live gushing to “each maker with more than 10,000 endorsers” and declared that different makers will have it “soon.” YouTube reported that portable live splashing is constructed “straightforwardly into the YouTube versatile application” and has “all an indistinguishable components from consistent YouTube recordings, for example, look, the capacity to discover recordings through playlists and suggestions, and insurances from unapproved utilize. YouTube started testing this new element last June with a select gathering of makers. YouTube started beta testing Super Chat in January and has since opened it to makers in more than 20 nations and watchers in more than 40 nations. An entire rundown of the qualification prerequisites for Super Chat and the nations where it’s as of now accessible can be found on the YouTube Help page.

How youtube live streaming should be a part of Digital Marketing strategy

Today youtube live streaming is the biggest impact of social media because most of the people spend more time on online shopping like wearable things, ornaments, and all other usable products. Then how this live streaming will be a part of digital marketing? The below points adds justice to the subject.

Higher Accessibility

Most of the people surfing the content through smartphones wherever they are and people of all generations are becoming online-savvy. This means you have a chance to find an audience online.

Higher Engagement Levels

Youtube Live streaming allows you to interact with the potential customer in real time, which is an unprecedented opportunity for you to converse with and grow an online audience. Live question and answer or discussion forums can provide the high-level engagements.

Personal Touch

Rather than scripted videos with high production values, live streams are often seen as much more “human”, with a personal edge. This puts a face to your brand, which helps with engagement.

Time Constraints

It can take a lot of time to put together a highly crafted video from concept through to filming and editing. With live, production values are not expected, and you can begin streaming with minimal effort or time investment- and still provide high-quality content that answers the question directly from your audience.

Youtube Live Streaming tips for Brands

Tell your followers

On the off chance that you are wanting to go live soon, make sure your fans and adherents when you will be on the web. Individuals will then know to make themselves free, so share an occasion, notice or tweet to advise your supporters the time you will be on.


Consider making a one of a kind hashtag to get the message out about your live stream.


Guarantee your stream can keep going for 15 or 20 minutes. In the event that you can just stream enough substance to most recent 5 minutes, this doesn’t allow watchers to discover, participate and draw in with your video.

Collaborate with your group of onlookers

You can construct associations with your group of onlookers individuals, so make sure to answer any questions, and observe any remarks that could be helpful.