Is Geofencing Right For Your Business ?

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Geofencing is a software program that uses GPS( Global Positioning System) and RFID( Radio Frequency Identification) to create a geographical boundary. This is a location-based mobile service where the user gets an alert message/promotional messages to the mobile device when he/she enters the particular area. Geofence is a real geographical area. It can be a small shop or a big mall. Marketers use this technology to understand their customer behavior when they enter, stay and leave the geofences. So if you haven’t tried geofencing yet its time to take advantage of geo marketing.

Why opt for Geofencing in your marketing strategy?

Due to the massive internet penetration, the use of smartphones is growing rapidly all over the world. Mobile marketers can reap great benefits when they use it as a marketing tool. It offers a world of possibilities for marketers to market their product and services. This allows marketers to push notifications, coupon codes, special deals and offers to their potential customers when they enter the geofence. Decidedly, we can say that location-based marketing will be the next big thing in the marketing world. Let’s look how can you use this technology for your business.

Getting started :

Geofencing is a simple concept all you need is an app and GPS. There are two ways of using geofencing the first is you can proactively reach out your customers at certain locations by sending notifications and the second is collecting data’s on customer behaviors on these locations.

Before you implement this into your marketing strategy, consider the following points to get started.

Demographics :

Know your target customers demographics like who is your local customers. After understanding their demographics create promotions based on their interests get optimal results.

Keep the circle small :

When you fence the particular location make sure you keep it small. Geofence shouldn’t be too large. The general radius should be 4-5 mins travel time and not more than 5 km recommended.

Privacy matters :

As geofencing is based on customer’s location and data you should be transparent. Anticipate the customer needs and explain then why you need to access their location.

Monitor your activities :

Use specific tools offered by the internet to monitor your actions. Tools and analytics are the best options to measure results and to optimize geofencing.

Geofencing not right for every business :

Geofencing is not right for every business that uses mobile marketing. Relate your business to the following points and start geofencing for your business.

Your business is mobile-centric.
You have an App.
You have a strong mobile presence
Your business depends on location-based technologies
You have technical resources to implement location-based technologies like geofencing, beacons, and geo-targeting.
You are looking for contextual ways to engage with your customers.
Hope you have grasped the important details of geofencing and start implementing it to your business. If you find this article useful do share it and comment below for any queries.