Law Firm Marketing – Digital Ways To Drive More Clients Online

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Marketing your law firm can be a daunting task! The way customers look out for a Law-firm starts primarily with a Search Query in Google (or) call a friend. Internet marketing for lawyers & law-firms today is inevitable to stay relevant to the new age audience. A recent report by “The Statistics Portal” state that the number of internet users in the USA will cross to 283.5 million internet users in 2022.

Note: If you are new to attorney/law-firm marketing and find it difficult to start-up, this article could help reach your potential clients. The following tips may help you understand the ways and methods to market your law firm online.

Building a professional website

The first step is to create a good looking website that reflects your business. Your website is the face of your business if the prospect is not able to find the information he needs through your website, you lose out on the potential target audience. Some of the example law firms with a perfect website are Nyc Divorce Lawyers, Michael Best & Friedrich, Wildes & Weinberg. Your law firm website design should be responsive(fits on every device, particularly the Smartphones) and clean. Ensure that you have a clearly visible Call-to-action & a website that loads fast. It is important to have your website SEO optimized that have a landing page for each segment, optimized heading tags, internal links and relevant keywords (Check: On Page SEO Checklist). If you already have a website, Get it Audited through us.

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Law Firm Digital Advertising

Ok! Your firm has now launched a website, it’s time to start promoting it. Advertising & Promoting your law firm online is probably the most cost-effective way to acquire leads & customers.

Google Adwords(Paid)

A quick and instant way for lawyers to get listed in Google search results is by signing up at Google Adwords & Creating an Ad. The catch is every click costs $$, and sometimes it could turn out to be super expensive as there are multiple law firms competing for a keyword. PPC(Pay per click) results appear in the top positions when somebody searches for a lawyer, for example, “new york divorce lawyer”. You can view the average monthly searches for the particular keyword and can analyze the suggested bid for the keyword in a particular location you concentrate. It will attract clients looking for a law firm in your region, almost instantly. Boom! With PPC you can advertise your law firm in the specific region you’d like to that will help you target relevant prospects in your region. Google ads

SEO (Free)

Search engine optimization is the method of transforming the online visibility of a website naturally via organic search without pay. Our most favorite & recommended way. It may take some time for you to rank your website if you start working on it. But once you get your website ranked, you’ll be able to generate leads for Zero Cost (or) a fraction of cost that it takes you to manage your SEO Activities. Pro: We help Law Firms rank for the search terms at #1. Rank your Law Firm at #1 for your keywords now!

Get listed in Google “Local pack” and local directories

Google’s Local Pack search returns a map and their businesses within the search results. Potential clients are most likely to see a local pack when they search for law firms which are nearer to their place. Make sure that your firm is listed in all of the local business listings directories. Here are a few popular directories that you can be listed in

HG.Org legal directory




Publishing Legal Articles Online

As a lawyer, publishing articles online with regards to the common societies laws, acts and rules can have an impeccable impact on communicating your services to potential clients. A quality article reflects your expertise in the concerned categories of laws and clients find it reliable to approach you. There are many sites where you can publish your articles, if you want to reach your target audience, it’s best to go where your readers and peers will be most likely to gather information. The search engine provides various article submission directories, and if someone performs a search for you or your firm, chances are that your articles may come up as well. If the directory allows you to link your article to your website it is a great way to drive traffic to your website. Keep in mind to write articles readable, precise and to gain an understanding for a layman and follow the submission guidelines on the site.

Social Media Sites for Promoting Law Firm

a. No soul on the planet will deny the fact that social media is one of the effective platforms to grow your business. Your law firm should eventually jump into the ocean of social media to reap visible results. There are four social media networking sites that you should be familiar with- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

b. Facebook: Create a business page for your law firm to get popularized and invite friends to like your page. This social media giant enables you to communicate with your potential clients and Facebook ads are a great way to reach them. Facebook marketing changes day by day, being updated is important!

c. Twitter: Twitter is the trendiest platform and the best tool for a lawyer where you can follow professional attorneys and other law firms.

d. LinkedIn: Business-oriented social networking site meant for professionals is LinkedIn. If you are about to choose the above mentioned social media platforms, LinkedIn should be the right platform for you. As it is the vast social networking system with major companies and businesses.

e. Google +: Create a Google+ profile, write a description and start connecting with your clients, professionals, and prospects in your area. There are also several active Google communities for lawyers to join.


Apart from the above mentioned points you can use videos, infographics, quality contents and Email marketing to market and drive clients online. It is essential for a law firm/practice to have a strong online presence to connect with their potential clients. Transform your Law-firm with our Digital marketing services! Get a quote now!