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Legal Consumers are looking for attorneys online.

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Average of 85 % of people who enter the site leave (bounce) the page rather than continuing to view different pages within the same website. Connect Web Chat and increase your conversion rate


In a survey conducted in 2016, 60% of all law firms says they are overstaffed!


The majority of consumers only consider or contact one or two attorney before making a hiring decision.

Chat with the random visitor of your website with our webchat service on your website and turn the prospect into your client.

Web Chat Answering is a rapid and stronger way for you to retain your customers.

Increase the chances of generating more leads, as the enquiries can be approached in an instant.

Voice of your company is important as it reflects your brand. So give a voice for your brand from your website.

Track & observe your site visitors with convincing reporting tools provided monthly

Proficient and authentic personnel to acknowledge chats using customer provided scripts.

A Cost-effective strategy for engaging your website visitors using the Web Chat Answering Service.

Web Chat Answering can be used as a support tool heading to satisfied customers.

Connect with potential clients who are on-the-go through the channel they prefer and never miss an opportunity.

Never Miss A Visitor

More Prospects

Close the gap with an always-on, personalized service that converts opportunities you had otherwise never even see

Better Prospects

Find your prospects with Chatbot and gain 3x more clients than those without

Greater Effciency

Reduce time used on pre-screening activities while accomplishing better results, freeing up your team for more billable work

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