Law Firm Website: A Must Read For Every Lawyer

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Gone are the days of using yellow pages to find a product and services. Today, the world is revolving “digital”. Due to the vast internet penetration, It is essential for any business to have a profound online presence. When it comes to law firm marketing, website design plays a crucial role. A well-designed website establishes your law firm’s trust and attracts new clients. A good website design provides value to your business and earns a professional image.

With a large population using the search engines for legal help, it is imperative for a law firm to optimize their website. Attorneys find this overwhelming and are pondering how to start with. How should you design your website? What type of contents should you post? If you are bewildered on how to start, plan or optimize your law firm’s website. This article will resolve your issue and provide valuable information on website design.

Website planning

Before you dive into the website designing, it is essential to plan your website. Firstly, you have to define your website goals and objectives. If you already own a website, it is required to evaluate on the lapses. Check whether your website domain name is relevant to your business. If not, choose a better domain name. The URL structure is another significant element to monitor. Check for all the URL’s readable and are relevant to the contents of your page. The next thing is to set a budget plan for your website based on your needs. Finally, create a content strategy which provides valuable information on your website to the visitors.


A sitemap is the list of pages of a website. It contains a hierarchical list of pages (with links) to help both users and search engines navigate the site. Sitemaps help the search engine to crawl and index the pages of a website. Prepare a list of contents for your sitemap and start designing your website.


Once the sitemap has been confirmed, next comes the wireframe. A wireframe is a screen blueprint of your website and represents a skeletal framework of a website. Wireframing is important as it shows the information hierarchy of the site. Hence your sitemap is turned into a visual design. Wireframing also gives a better chance to improve the user experience. There are plenty of online website wireframe tools, where you can build your website wireframe easily. Once the website wireframe is confirmed, you can start designing your website.

Intuitive and user-friendly navigation

Website navigation enables your visitors to discover all the landing pages of your website and improves the user experience. A solid navigation system is imperative for your law firm’s website as your visitors should find it easy to navigate between different legal services pages. Menus and navigation are also important for search engine optimization. Navigation should be user-friendly and your potential clients must be able to find any information they are looking for. Here is an example of useful law firm site navigation.


High-quality contents convert your visitors to clients. Make your contents clear and crisp enabling your visitors to understand your legal services. Curating contents for everyone should be avoided if you are a divorce legal firm, you should concentrate on contents related to your service and your target clients. Adding testimonials and case studies will win great clients for your law firm. Don’t use too many legal terms as your clients can’t understand, therefore use simple language. Add blog posts and articles which are current and updated to attract your clients.


CTA is an image or text designed for the audience to provoke immediate action. A CTA could be anything- download an ebook, call us now, signup for free consulting. You can place these kinds of CTA’s in your website, email and blog posts. Make your call-to-action simple and concise. If you want people to call your law firm, then you can add a “simple phone” button. You can also add “contact forms” which works well and you get many leads. A CTA button should be of a viewable size with contrast color to lure your potential clients.

White Space matters

White space also called “negative space”, websites using this white space are visually appealing for the visitors. Talk with your designer and tell them you need lots of white space on your website. By doing so, your visitors will focus more on CTA buttons. Use white space liberally in your website, to illustrate the importance of different page elements and the goal should be to attract your visitor’s interest.


If your law firms, website doesn’t load quickly, you would be definitely losing potential clients. Your visitors will abandon your website and go elsewhere. Not only that, but low site speed will also hamper your Google rankings. In order to check your page load speed, use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. This tool shows the speed score of your website for both mobile and desktop. PageSpeed Insights also generate suggestions to make the page faster.

Analytics Tracking

A law firm website is not a child’s play. You have to optimize your website according to the needs and interests of your target audience. For this, you need detailed and accurate data. Monitoring the analytics of your website will give you insight on what is working well and how to improve your website performance. Law firms can use Google analytics to monitors and track their website. By using this tool you get to know more about your clients and get all the data’s related to your business in one place.


A profound law firm website should be aesthetically designed, intuitive and simple for the audience to perceive. Remember your website should be mobile friendly and responsive to suit the Google algorithms. Create a unique marketing strategy to stay on the competitive edge. Need help with law firm marketing? We are here to help you!