Legal Marketing Weekly Roundup – 7

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This is a legal weekly roundup to help lawyers in the marketing concern. Each week we publish the most interesting articles for attorneys to help them in the marketing field. I hope you will enjoy the interesting articles listed here. So don’t miss our future legal roundups.

Lots of great links this week to explore. Learn how to reshape your website and marketing strategies with the tips mentioned.

11 Different Kinds of Search Result Features Attorneys Can Leverage

You might have many marketing goals for your law firm website. This article by Foster web marketing outlines the different ways of search results attorney can use to get resulted in top searches.

Don’t fall for those digital marketing tactics

Being an attorney, you might have tried many marketing strategies for your online presence. This article by Precision Legal Marketing highlights the issue and the way you have to address it. Have a look at the article and save yourself from being dumped.

Google Plus Shutdown – How it Impacts SEO For Your Law Firm

You might be aware of all the social media channels where you stand in front of your prospects. Your online presence is the thing that is required to grow well. Being a professional you have to know that how Google+ shutting down affects your law firm.

Google’s Mobile – First Index & Website Content – What You Need To Know

A 11 min read article by Postali, that helps the lawyers to make their website index and help them to improve the website through the king of SEO -Content.

Law Firm Marketing Trends to Watch For 2019

Are you tired of so many marketing strategies for your law firm? Wanna get out of it ? Are you trying to have a strong kick-off ? Here is the article for you by Leading Response that outlines the trends you have to consider for your law firm.

You can many things on your own. We will help you in all marketing strategies. To get stay on Google optimize your website. Still confused? Feel free to contact us to clarify your doubts on attorney marketing.