Marketing For Indian Law Firms

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India is a country that occupies the significant part of South Asia and the second largest country in times of population. India which is the 3rd fastest growing nation occupies an essential position in the Asian economy.

The country’s legal market remains the preserve of domestic full-service firms, many of which operate on a traditional, family-run model. The Indian law market has been expressly unpredictable over the past few years.

Marketing a law firm: India’s splendid new world

Building a strong brand for your law firm in India is not an easy deal due to strict industry regulations. It is important for your law firm to face the challenges in the marketing world to meet your clients.

If you have the intention to attract your clients, work on it in a modern way, since using the website for a commercial purpose is not permitted. Especially law firms using publicly material is strictly prohibited. Regulation only enables them to consider if they are concerned in civil, criminal or corporate or some other area.

In the ages of 1980s and 1990s, the Indian solicitors were promoting their firms through grand parties and also they depend on networks, gift accessories, connections to ensure a steady flow of work. In those days, India has only a few professional corporate lawyers that automatically generate a strong reputation. Managing partners & solicitors use to visit foreign countries to speak at international conferences & forums.

In today’s modern world, the evolution continues. The law firms are hiring experts and seeking help from professionals to help them in the field of marketing and to develop strategies, business development and brand building. The perceptions of leaders towards legal marketing are changing day by day. India remains to be in a closed legal market and they fail to officially solicit. So they must adopt innovative techniques to reach out to their prospects.

There are three major areas they can concern to develop in the field of law firm marketing.

Define the vision or objective

  • Domestic practice should be grown
  • Concentrating on a particular practice area (e.g. tax or IP)
  • entering a new city or state (e.g. Gujarat, Bangalore)
  • Unfolding from a full-service firm to a boutique
  • cross-selling to existing clients
  • ensuring more repeat business.

Business Development

In those days a good lawyering and legal professional is more than enough for a law firm to survive & grow in the Indian firm. But in recent heights, to survive and perform better, business development strategies are mandatory. The senior associates have to take responsibility to intake a bunch of business or the law firm can even hire a law firm marketing professionals to represent their law firm in front of the clients and to protect their professional business that opens the opportunity to generate new leads.

Client Relationship Management

When the ratio of demand is more than supply, the clients were treated differently. But the recent times have more opportunity for the clients and so its responsibility of law firms or lawyers to drag the client and to build a strong client relationship. Here are the three methodologies via which you can pull your clients.

1. Deliver client-centric advice

Be client-centric base and provide the solution for the client rather than answering them partially. Attorneys who help the clients and advise them to have more possibility of client generation.

2. Use an innovative business model

Corporations know the market is competitive and have various options for shopping around. As the West begins to answer the call to do away with hourly rates and look to alternative fee arrangements and value pricing, so too the East will have to explore it soon.

3. Bulletproof your clients

Communicate with the clients regarding their needs. Client relationship management demands comprehensive strategies. Law firm leaders must be at the lead of understanding the inclinations that are now inside or approaching their marketplace and must stimulate all lawyers to not only draw work as and when connected but to always enhance clients’ satisfaction levels.

Brand Development

The service you render is the voice of your brand. Your law firm should be strong in all sorts like knowledge, client management and delivery. A strong brand will reflect an increase of trust, confidence and reputation. Building trustworthy brand fame and reputation in the legal market is an ongoing long-term lead.

Law firms should understand that PR is just one aspect of brand building. The brand building can also be done by collaborating the work atmosphere with clients that provide a happy and better environment. Here are a few key ideas of brand building:

1. Brand awareness

Brand awareness is communicating to the clients what you are and telling in a way that you are different from others. The brand adds value to your firm and creates visibility. It is one of the most essential ingredients for the success of the law firm.

2. Brand positioning

Brand positioning refers to placing the firm at the right forums and building the presence in the right area is most important. Networking with correct industry people makes the way to build a presence and practising the same will portray the firm as a strong reputed organization with experts.

3. Brand recall

Continuous effort is required in branding, especially for law firms. To gain growth in the law firm, staying in the track is important

Last Line

There are many strategies involved in marketing like using social media, various campaign tools and much more. But as per Indian marketing is concerned, visibility is the first thing that a law firm requires. Brand well, position it and upgrade regularly which is a crucial part of branding. The law firm marketing is a new world in India and so you should act on it to stand ahead of the competitors. Just kick off today! you can even ring us to help you.