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Social media is taking the internet by storm! It has been estimated that there will be around 2.77 billion social media users around the globe by 2019. The rapid social network penetration has exposed great ways for brands and businesses to excel. Social media marketing enables you to connect with your target audience in real-time. We unveil the endless opportunities of social media just for you!

Bright Bridge has the team of like-minded people, who grew up in the social media era. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google plus and more, reaching your target customers at the right time is at the heart of everything we do.

Here are our unique strategies based on latest research, trends, and analytics to create a viral buzz and scalable return on your investment.

Influencer marketing is always on the trend. We target influencers to follow and engage with your band and start connecting with influencers of your niche. We build a strong relationship with influencers across all social platforms to grow your brand effectively.

We perform an audit of your current active social platforms and optimize your social profiles. We make sure to target the right audience with the right social platforms. Based on the audit we create engaging and integrated social media campaign to lure more audience to your page.

Social postings are made easy with us! We create a social posting calendar for your active social channels and promote your contents. Our content marketing team will craft killer contents to suit your audience anticipations. Going out for a vacation? No worries we schedule your social posts prior so that your audience doesn’t miss out.

Social advertising can boost your website traffic and engagements to a prodigious level. Moreover, social ads will improve your online presence and drive interest to your new products. This could be done through Facebook & LinkedIn ads, Twitter trends, sponsored YouTube ads and more.

Social campaigns are framed with a business goal to increase targeting, focusing and measurability. These discrete campaigns will drive more engagements and improve your overall brand awareness. Campaigns will drive direct sales where you get maximum ROI.

How We Work?

Content Creation

We’ll publish high quality, original content your customers will actually want to read.

Content Distribution

Get your content in front of your customers with our complete distribution strategy.

Social Media Optimization

Our social media experts optimize your social media presence to attract new followers.

Increase social engagement

Our integrated distribution strategy engages your customers and provides a personalized and active social presen

Turn content into customers

We identify the information that your prospects are searching for and create conversion focused content that helps drive more sales.

Stand out from the competition

By consistently publishing unique and valuable content, your business will build stronger and more profitable relationships with your customers.

What makes us different?

Bright Bridge is the leading social media marketing company providing a team of digital marketing experts at the cost of a single social media manager!

  • Social media manager
  • Digital Strategist
  • Content editor
  • Content researcher and writer
  • Graphic designer
  • Web developer

We're the Master Of

Social Media Analysis

Monitoring and tracking are essential for any marketing. Our social media analyst will provide you with important data’s of your activity and track your brand’s performance across the social circles. We will provide monthly reports on your social media profiles to know how things are working









About This Service

Social media is not just chatting and posting pictures, it’s a huge opportunity for your business to grow exceptionally. One-way or another your rivals are witnessing great profits from social media marketing. Its high time for your brand to have a social presence and social marketing campaigns. This help bringing new customers, to stand out from the crowd and shout for your business. Social media marketing will grow your followers through great content strategy, designing, SEO, and digital ads