[Law Firm SEO] – 9 Techniques To Quickly Rank Your Law Firm In Google

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You would have come across the phrase “Content is King” again and again when it comes to SEO benefits. If you want to stay top in Google, Your law firm’s website content should be amazing.

According to the stats of backlinko, an average of the first-page result on search engines like Google covers 1,890 words

According to the study of Moz and BuzzSumo, revealed that content of 1,000 words consistently gets more engagements than shorter form content.

In recent times, it has become more challenging to rank high in Google for the competitive keywords. There is an enormous opportunity for law firms since most firms do not get their legal copy anywhere.

Before jumping into the 9 techniques that quickly rank your law firm, Keep an eye on these three points:

1. Understanding your audience is 80% of the battle. Understanding your audience and writing the legal content what they seek is the first thing you have to concentrate.

  • Your content should outline the help you afford to your potential client regarding the legal issue. Let’s say, from the charge into bail, sentencing & next procedures?
  • Content that helps your potential client to understand the consequences of the legal issue they might face?
  • What are the several FAQ with such legal cases?

2. Think out of the box rather than sticking to static articles. Select the format that suits your content. Try to include video, infographic, article, podcast, and case summary in your piece of article. Blending several formats in an article makes it exceptional.

3. Focus on engagement metrics such as time spent on site & Bounce rate. The content should be compelling, relevant, and well-written. If the content is well-written, it will be rewarded by the search engines and will keep the visitors on your pages for a long time.

9 Techniques to quickly rank your law firm

1. Implement a unique page for each service you render

Specialize in Family law in Chicago? Shatter it down and include an individual page, highlighting each of your services: Child Support, Spousal support, Same-sex Marriage Dissolution, etc.

Just like Ward Family Law, LLC does.

Source: Ward Family Law, LLC

It applies to any law firm website. Have a look at how particular in this below mentioned personal injury law firm with their services

Source: The Sawaya Law Firm

It easily navigates the visitors to the right information they seek. A good content for a reader is also good for SEO.

2.Optimize at least for two terms each page

Above you would have seen the personal injury law firm defining their every service. Now have a look at their motor vehicle accidents page.

Source: The Sawaya Law Firm

You can see that the content is concentrated on the keyword phrase motor vehicle accident attorney.

The web page content includes phrases like:

  1. Motor Vehicle Accident
  2. Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer
  3. Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

They are trying to focus one primary keyword phrase. Optimizing each page for one or two search terms, you can exactly tell the search engines what your page is about. They are very specific and targeted in their phrase and content.

3.Include Latent Semantic Indexing

Latent Semantic Indexing is a method to improvise the accuracy of data retrieval. It is important for search engines like Google since they are in the continuous struggle to present search results more appropriate.

You can use the LSI keywords in your content by adding the phrases that are related to the main keyword phrase on your page. You can get ideas by using google suggest.

For instance, enter the keyword you are targeting in the search query of Google, which will suggest other related terms.

Here’s an example for criminal defense law in Houston

You can also use keyword suggestion tool like Keywordtool.io to find the Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. You can get it by entering your target phrase, by selecting the location followed by clicking the search icon.

It would suggest a list of queries related to your targeted phrase which you can implement into your article or other service pages.

You can receive the search volume, Trend, CPC, and the competition data if you are using a paid account. By using semantic SEO, you are helping the crawlers to understand the subject of the information on your web page

4.Include distinct statistics related to the legal issue

You are in the legal profession. It is important for you to back up your case with the evidence.

The case or practice areas you are trying to make through your law firm’s content is that the prospect should hire you rather than your competitors. So you need to highlight the statistics of the cases you involved.

Here is an example of a site clearly defining the statistics of the case.

Credibility is a secret element you can use to convince your potential clients who visit on your site. Lack of credibility is directly proportional to the rate of bounce.

Here is another example, clearly revealing the stats of the cases they had involved. The number in your site may quietly impress the client to hire you.

The number in your site may quietly impress the client to hire you. Providing enough content and stats keeps the visitors for a long time on your page and also encourages them to deep dive into your website to know what you are specialized.

5.Incorporate successful case results

Don’t stick to the limitations of providing stats just about your practice areas. It is necessary to back up your success as a legal firm with solid evidence.

You can use successful case studies along with testimonials as your hard evidence.

Look into the website of practice area Criminal Defense that includes a special section for their successful cases on their homepage.

Source: Oykhman Criminal Defence

By incorporating the real-time evidence of your achievements, you boost your credibility & encourage the user to read the content, go deeper and retain them on your site.

6. Add testimonials and reviews

Be sure to add testimonials and reviews to your website and say no to the shortage of “witness” on your site.

The website of Oykhman Criminal Defence law holds reviews of its past clients and also it has highlighted the numerical values and their location which makes them stand as a unique law firm, and nurture trusts in the mind of their prospects.

Including testimonials in a smart way allow you to rank for highly competitive keywords. Have a look on one of the websites where the review has involvement of high competitive keywords.

7.Include FAQs into your website

FAQs is an essential ingredient of your website, in more than a way you imagine. They act as a key source by answering the query of your target audience.
Thurman Law Firm comprehensively answer FAQs on various queries like this.

You can also focus on the main keyword phrase by paying specific attention to the “featured snippet”.

The ‘featured snippet’ portion of Google search outcomes is placed in a position after the ads and is, hence, an essential addition to the SERPS.

Its objective is to quickly provide an exact answer to search inquiries, like in this example.

If your law firm site includes a featured snippet, it shows a gateway for a large amount of traffic due to its influence on the page.

You can target these snippets by providing answers to key questions and, also you can include semantic SEO terms.

8.Focus on the structure of your content

Many of the visitors to your website seek quick help. They want information that is easy to understand, which will even compel them to hire your firm.

They get irritated or move out of the page if they experience an unsatisfied content, and clump of the content in a single page.

Try to avoid using a bad content structure like this and focus on your content in a well- structured manner.

Here are a few ideas to stick on.

  1. Large readability texts with mild background generally perform the best
  2. Use clear headers, short meaningful paragraphs in your content
  3. Use visual representation like graphics, images, and even videos to explain important points in depth.

9.Work on attracting title tag & description

Hope you know the importance of the title and description of your website in the stream of SEO, you should use your main keywords in both title and description. You can work on creating an engaging title that encourages clicks.

Through every click by people, you gain “organic traffic” for your website. It is also believed that your website’s CTR impact your rankings. So try to concentrate on attracting header tag and description.

Here is an example of well-written descriptions

Use some professional tactics and write the title and description in the manner your audience deserves.

Last Line

Now it’s your turn to implement these techniques to quickly rank your law firm using SEO content. Still looking for help? We are here to give you arm. We can guide you and take actionable ways to increase the ranking of your website through quality content.