weekly Roundup – 1

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Hope you knew digital marketing never sleeps and it has lots of updates to roll on, new algorithm releases, new launches etc. We knew you are busy, and so invested our time to show you what’s been trending in the world of digital marketing this week.

Hope you’ll enjoy these interesting articles that might be helpful.

Facebook Releases New Report on Key Trends to Watch in 2019 – Facebook has delivered a ‘2019 Topics and Trends’ reports by identifying the key trends that have seen notable progress in discussion volume in 2018 and by understanding that the marketers can predict the likely shifts in the world around the facebook.
Google News Digest: Multiple SERP Tests, Call-Only Ads Change, and Holiday Spirit with Google – Google is working on all the tweaks & changes it can execute before commencing the new year afresh. Google is also rolling out a new SERP design as well.
How to Use Event Tracking in Facebook Analytics: Event Source Groups – This post from social media examiner explores how you can find out your customer interaction using Facebook Analytics. It also dealt with how to set up the event tracking & how to use event source groups in analytics to analyze the behaviors of the customers.
YouTube Algorithm: The Constantly Updated Guide to YouTube’s Updates & Changes – Hubspot article about the constant Youtube’s updates and a guide to overcoming the changes happening in the Youtube. It explains how Youtube algorithm uses different signals to rank the videos on their platform.
LinkedIn’s new privacy setting prohibits marketers from exporting emails – This piece of information from the Marketing Land explains the introduction of the new privacy setting in Linkedin that allows its users to choose whether their email address can be exported or not by their Linkedin connections.
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