Weekly Roundup-2

Brightbridge_admin Weekly Roundup 1674

Hope you all would be very excited to welcome TwentyNineteen and of course Google too.

Its current focus is on improving Search Console to satisfy all the search data needs.

It’s important to note that Google will remove only the reports if they replaced by a renewed version. For instance, search analytics reports may change as a performance report.

Try to be nice with the new updated Google Search Console.

Scroll down to equip yourselves with all the updates of Google, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and even more.

New ways to approach SEO in 2019: Accountability and customer experiences – Search Engine Land – A 7 min read article by Search Engine Land, highlighting the change of SEO in every day and the tips and tacts that can be used in 2019 to improve the search results and traffic.

WhatsApp makes group calls easier, but calls still limited to four people – This article reveals the new rollout update of WhatsApp allowing its users to make group calls easier like the way their app works. The team of WhatsApp has been updated in such a way that you can begin group calls with just two taps.

Google: More On When To Ignore Bad Links – Word on the street is that it’s safe to ignore bad links, as long as you don’t act on them. Buuuut, that isn’t quite the case. Mueller, of Google, tweeted this week that most toxic links are the ones that SEOs place themselves, which you should disavow, not ignore.

The Definitive List of SEO Trends to Prepare for in 2019 – Practices of SEO is getting updated each day. Have a glimpse of this article to find the top SEO trends and get ready for 2019. Incorporate these techniques for your website, get ranked and find your targeted prospects.

How to kick-start 2019 as a blogger with big goals – Just a 5-min read by Yoast on how to start off 2019 as a blogger with great roles. Make use of this article to know your blog goals, to plan time for your goals, and to focus on your blog tasks.