Legal Marketing Weekly Roundup – 6

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Hope you are busy with the cases and definitely, you might never have time to surf websites that provides knowledge about marketing. And so we are here to help you to look at the informative blogs you require right now!!

We love reading this and hope you too will. You should be updated with the marketing strategies so that it helps

Standing out of the crowd in this marketing world is not an easy deal. You should educate yourself to be on the track. Have a look at the articles we had shared for you that might help you.

Multi-Million Dollar Law Firms – Making The Right Choices

A 7 min read article by SEO for lawyers, highlighting the ideas which can be used which can transform your law firm in multi-million dollar law firm.

2 Steps To Improve Your Law Firms Google Rankings

This article reveals the 2 steps you can use to improve your Law Firm’s Google rankings. you can use the tips mentioned in the article to improve your rankings.

Advanced LinkedIn Tips for Lawyers

Practices of marketing strategies are getting updated each day. Have a glimpse of this article to find the tips that you can use for your law firm. Linkedin is the professional platform and you can use the tips mentioned in their article and Infographic showed.

Optimize Your Law Firm Website To Include Voice Search Marketing

Just a 5-min read by Attorney Marketing Network that reveals the importance of voice search marketing for law firms. It also highlights how traditional search is different from optimizing the website for voice search.

Does Your Law Firm Need A Facelift In 2019?

A 2-min read article by Create The Movement that explains the importance of your law firm’s brand. It highlights the importance of brand in the year 2019