17th Legal Weekly Roundup

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This is a legal weekly marketing link roundup with few hand-picked articles, guides. Each week the article we provide is packed full of legal marketing tips that help you to grow to the next level. Don’t miss future opportunities.

Lots of great links this week to explore. Learn how to reshape your website and marketing strategies with the tips mentioned.

Video Production & Video Marketing
This article by legal click, explains about the production and marketing of video. It gives an exposure about the video to lawyers and also helps them to create weekly shows,interviews, etc.

What Keyword Do I Use? Attorney, Lawyer Or Law Firm

You attorneys would have done lots of keyword research, and still some of them would have a very big interrogative while choosing the keywords. This blog is all about the keywords and how you can choose wisely.

5 Tips for Creating Engaging Legal Content

Just a 7-min read by mile mark media explains about the legal content and it highlights the top 5 tips you can incorporate to make it engaging.

How To Choose The Right Colors For Your Law Firm Website

Being an attorney, it’s important for you to choose the right colour for your website since the landing page is where your client’s search for information. This article helps you in choosing the right colour for your firm.

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