7 Law Firm Marketing Ideas that Can Promote Your Online Presence Fast

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Law firms and lawyers believe that their skill set & reputation is enough to pull the clients coming across their doors. It may be true but, strong online presence is required to improve the profit.

According to Google Search Statistics, on an average of 40,000 search queries are processed every second.

Ignoring the online presence may lead you to miss out your potential clients who are researching online about the legal situation & law firm they should engage. Effective marketing can help your law firm stand ahead of the competitors and to draw new clients. It can improve the ranking in the search engine, allow your website to resonate with your target audience & develop a rapport with potential customers quickly.

Check out our 7 law firm marketing ideas that will improve your build your online presence and get you more leads.

1. Invest in Good SEO

Search engine optimization is the method of transforming the online visibility of a website naturally via organic search without pay. Specific goal-oriented strategies are implemented to rank the website higher in search engine result pages. It’s better to hire an expert specialized in SEO or copywriting to optimize your web page.

Follow the below-mentioned practices, if you choose to optimize your site yourself:

  • Try to create impressive content to acquire backlinks and place call to actions for the readers to share.
  • Create a trustworthy link to other websites of high quality in your own content.
  • Integrate relevant keywords in the content and alt text of images.
  • To evaluate the SEO potential in each page use plugins like Yoast SEO.

If you are struggling to examine where your website stands in SEO rankings, You can opt a tool like SEO SiteCheckup. This will provide a complete audit report of your website or you can also get the free audit report that could be used for improvement.

2. Create Specialized Landing Pages for Each Service

Create a website that projects the multiple services or specialities you offer. Divorce services, prenuptial agreements, estate planning, and custody arrangements may come under the family law but, there are people who do a quick search, specifically the services they require. For best results, make each service clear either with a drop-down menu or in a clickable call to action menu, as seen in the example below.

If you promote yourself as a family law firm & some random client visits your website looking for a custody battle, they are expected to leave if they don’t quickly identify the option. Have a dedicated landing pages highlighting the specialized services with a detailed description of what you do and how can you help. Such a way of developing the website will transform the random client into your client.

3. Emphasize Your Branding

The branding you do for your law firm should be unique and innovative. Implementing the brand tied up with the mission of yours opens the door of opportunity to stand out of the crowd. Creating a compelling branding help you to stand apart from your competition.

Let’s glance at a law firm with strong brands that projects high-quality images with appropriate features that account the credibility to prevent insecurities you may have from the quirkiness.

4. Provide Valuable Content

Value is most important since it keeps people coming back. Creating impressive content with high quality and quantity gives you space to rank for keywords you are targeting and help your client to acquire the information they are looking for and also helps to draw more traffic.

Quality content can take diverse forms. A general one would be an FAQ located in a designated page on your site. This FAQ could contain inquiries and solutions to the questions that you hear most often. If you’re able to formulate answers succinctly, you may even end up having your statement show up in a featured snippet and get you raised up in the SERPs.

You can also use our above example to accomplish the same goal.

5. Include Video to Build Trust

Images can support enhance your branding, but video can literally sell the deal & win over new potential clients. A video is naturally appealing, and having it on both social media & your website can make it lighter to develop a fast rapport with potential customers. This is crucial because attorneys belong in one of the least-trusted businesses in the country. It can help you to bridge the gap. They’re intrinsically more emotional, and watching someone talking about issues that are relevant to you can flesh them out & make them feel more real. Videos can build that compatibility early on, so perhaps the client will be a little faster to believe you when the consultation rolls around.

6. Rack Up Reviews

Getting more client testimonials is an excellent way to build trust with potential clients. Reach out to former clients and request them to leave a review of you & your firm on Google, LinkedIn, or a submittable form online and publish them on a client testimonial page of your website. If you’re pondering the importance of reviews, look at the search results from below and try to pick the firm you likely to check out and I assure you that you’ll not pick the firm with fewer stars.

7. Invest in PPC Advertising

Organic marketing & brand building is great but it’s not enough to stay top of the SERP’s. You can stay top and can stay ahead of the competitors via pay-per-click, quickest law firm marketing approaches you can implement.

Google AdWords, in particular, is an outstanding platform for law firms. You can create compelling ads that will be shown to the random users searching for particular queries, letting you appear at the top of search results when potential customers are actively looking for you.

Since choosing a lawyer typically only occurs when there is a need for one, Google AdWords is the soundest PPC platform for law firms to invest in. You can even enhance your outcomes by running campaigns with ad groups, creating a relevant copy and can offer for particular niches of your target audience.


Strong branding hand in hand with Search engine optimization & quality content will help your firm outstanding. Use our 7 recommended tips to yield more traffic and leads. Struck in implementing and want law firm marketing ideas? We are here to extend our hands to you. Reach us to know more about how Bright Bridge can help your Law Firm.